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Cecelia Martinez is a Technical Account Manager at Cypress.io in Atlanta, GA. She is a graduate of the Full-Stack Software Engineering Program at Georgia Tech. Before transitioning to tech, she worked in journalism and financial services, and obtained a B.A. in Public Communications and an M.B.A. in Marketing. She is a Lead Volunteer with Women Who Code Front End and Out in Tech Atlanta.

Community Contributions

Effective Testing Approaches for Your Application

Unit, component, integration, end-to-end-- there are many types of testing you can use when developing and releasing an application. You may have also heard of the testing pyramid, trophy, and even crab, which all demonstrate approaches for prioritizing test types. How do you decide where to focus your time and resources to get the most impact? When you have limited time and a tight release schedule, testing can feel like a burden if it doesn't give you the confidence and results you expect. In this talk, we'll define the different types of testing and cover their use cases, as well as provide some guidelines for deciding which approach to use for your application
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 08-18-2021

Angular Experience Podcast S1E1 (Panelist, Guest)

In our first ever episode of The Angular Experience, we discuss going out on your own and solo as a programmer with Jeff Cross. As co-founder and CEO of Narwhal, Jeff offers his advice on how to set off on your own, from knowing when the time is right, how to get your finances in place, finding clients, maintaining business, and much more! We then interview Cecelia Martinez from Cypress.io about her challenges, triumphs, and advice for people launching their tech careers.
Video/Podcast / 07-18-2021

Angular Experience Podcast S1E5 (Panelist)

In today’s episode, we sit down with Sara Jones from InclusionPro where she and her team are dedicated to helping companies and teams transform their approach to diversity, inclusion, and equity. Sara defines these terms, explains how to become aware of our biases, and shares how to break down barriers and create diverse and inclusive environments in the workplace. We then talk with Alex Solis, a volunteer at Out In Tech, about his journey as a member of both the Asian and LGBTQIA+ communities. Alex shares excellent insights into how to overcome barriers, achieve more equity and equality, and how to become your best self in the tech community.
Video/Podcast / 07-18-2021

She's In Tech Podcast

For this episode, Maria, Christina and Dacey are joined by guest Cecelia Martinez. Here are the topics they discussed: Transitioning from other careers in tech. Cecelia’s work with Women Who Code and Out in Tech, focused on helping underrepresented groups get into tech. Advice on how to speak at conferences on a topic that speakers may not know well Any advice on how to push past common obstacles that has been seen in underrepresented groups? What are some work cultures that make you feel welcome as an individual? Advice for those interested in working with testing. New Cypress component testing alpha version. Last minute tips, suggestions, advice for the listeners
Video/Podcast / 05-11-2021

Stepping Up Your GitHub Game

If you've used GitHub for learning and personal projects, you're probably familiar with concepts like forking, creating branches, and pull requests. In this webinar, learn how to utilize more GitHub features the same way production teams do! In this webinar, we'll be evaluating major OSS repositories to better understand GitHub issues, releases, and automations to step up your GitHub game. Webinar for Women Who Code Front End. Link is to slides from the presentation.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 03-24-2021