Jeff Geerling

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Jeff (geerlingguy) is a developer and author from St. Louis who has Crohn's disease. He maintains hundreds of open source projects, volunteers at many open source events, and educates on his YouTube channel, blog, and through his books.

Community Contributions

PTP and IEEE-1588 hardware timestamping on the Raspberry Pi CM4

A couple years after the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 launched, the open source community finally got one of the less-flashy features working: PTP hardware timestamping. This makes the Compute Module 4 a very powerful timekeeping device, as it can behave as a network time server with the highest level of precision, using the Precision Timing Protocol and devices like GPS receivers and TXCOs (Temperature-Controlled Oscillators) or chip-scale atomic clocks to control timing over Ethernet networks.
Blogpost / 07-06-2022