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Jon is a Staff Developer Platforms Engineer at Google, but is probably best known for his contributions on Stack Overflow. Jon spends most of his time on open source work, building the .NET client libraries for Google APIs, along with related projects like Protocol Buffers. Open source is important in his non-work time as well, as both the main contributor to the Noda Time date/time API for .NET, and also as a member of the Board of Directors for the .NET Foundation.

Community Contributions

Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 05-22-2020

Dates and times: Hard, but not impossible

Some developers write date/time-sensitive code without worrying about it — but also without thinking about it. Some developers write date/time-sensitive code and worry about it a lot because it's hard. In this talk, Jon will provide some guidance to help you write date/time-sensitive code with a reasonable degree of confidence, and test it. We'll look at the speaker's Noda Time project as one tool to make your life easier, but Jon will also explain how you can improve your System.DateTime code too.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 03-29-2010

NDC London 2019: Versioning 1.0.1

Versioning remains one of the trickiest and under-discussed aspects of software development. Shipping 1.0 of a library or framework can be easy compared with shipping 1.1 and worrying about your existing users. "But semantic versioning!" you respond... yeah, not so much. It's easy to say "No breaking changes within a major version" - but what does that mean, exactly? And what does shipping 1.1 or 2.0 mean for anyone who depends on your package? How can we avoid an impending versioning apocalypse? This talk will use C# and .NET for concrete examples, but the questions raised are applicable - with potentially different answers - to all platforms and languages.