Kamran Ahmed

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United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Kamran is a fullstack developer working as an Engineering Manager at Tradeling in Dubai. He loves opensource and most of his free time is spent working on the opensource and helping the community through his articles, videos and other education material. He has created and been maintaining several famous opensource projects. Currently his focus is on building roadmap.sh and putting video content on the youtube channel youtube.com/theroadmap

Community Contributions

Open source project / 07-25-2020

Developer Roadmap

Developer roadmap is a set of charts to help the developers learn, provide the landscape, guide them, help them pick their path, and know what they don’t know and improve. I created this project to help others with the struggle that I was once in. I have been maintaining it for the past 4 years where I release a new version showing the changes to the landscape for the past year. The project is the 11th most starred project on GitHub, and gets around 6 to 7000 unique hits on a daily basis.