Tracy Lee

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I am the CEO of This Dot Labs, a growing JavaScript consulting firm that provides architectural guidance and staff augmentation. I am also a GDE, and Microsoft MVP. I have used my platform to advocate for frameworks and other open source technologies as a way to broaden our industry's accessibility and promote diversity within the web development community. I regularly organize and host remote meetups, roundtable events, and live trainings, which are made available to the web at no cost. The monthly meetup I am most proud to host is the Women In Tech Monthly Meetup, which is a forum for Women and Non-Binary people who are interested in entering web development, or growing in their careers.

Community Contributions

S09E17 Modern Web Podcast- Hot Takes on Frameworks: React, Solid, Qwik, Svelte, Astro, Fresh, Marko, & More!

In this episode of the Modern Web Podcast, Dustin Goodman and I join Anthony Campolo and Christopher Burns, hosts of the FSJam Podcast, to talk about the latest evolutions in new frameworks. We discuss "meta frameworks", predict trends in JavaScript, and compare the similarities and differences among newer technologies like Svelte, Solid, Qwik, Astro, Fresh, Marko, and more.
Video/Podcast / 10-12-2022