Tracy Lee

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I am the CEO of This Dot Labs, a growing JavaScript consulting firm that provides architectural guidance and staff augmentation. I am also a GDE, and Microsoft MVP. I have used my platform to advocate for frameworks and other open source technologies as a way to broaden our industry's accessibility and promote diversity within the web development community. I regularly organize and host remote meetups, roundtable events, and live trainings, which are made available to the web at no cost. The monthly meetup I am most proud to host is the Women In Tech Monthly Meetup, which is a forum for Women and Non-Binary people who are interested in entering web development, or growing in their careers.

Community Contributions

Cross-Platform Development: Exploring React Native and Capacitor with Mike Hartington

Mike Hartington, the director of Devrel at Ionic, presents a CapacitorJS training that includes the concept of cross-platform development, which involves using abstractions like different languages or tool sets as a common ground to build applications for different platforms. He also compares React Native and Capacitor, two frameworks for mobile app development, highlighting their differences.
Video/Podcast / 11-29-2023

Observables vs. Signals: Debunking the Myths & Exploring the Future with Ben Lesh | Build IT Better

In this episode of Build IT Better, we have a roundtable discussion with Tracy Lee, Ben Lesh, Adam Barrett, and Jesse Tomchak. They dive straight into an exciting development for web developers and enthusiasts—the integration of Observables into web browsers, with a special focus on Chrome. Join the conversation as they unwrap the technical intricacies behind this initiative.
Video/Podcast / 11-06-2023

Exploring MillionJS: A Revolutionary Virtual DOM Replacement with Aiden Bai | Modern Web Podcast

In this episode of the Modern Web podcast, hosts Rob Ocel and Tracy Lee interview Aiden Bai, the creator of the MillionJS library, a replacement for the Virtual DOM implementation in ReactJS. They talk about the process of creating MillionJS as a high schooler, how the library speeds up React applications using blocks and the Million Compiler, and what the future of the library looks like. The conversation also touches on the alternative experience and education paths to becoming a developer, as well as the future of open source libraries, venture funded libraries, and indie hacked frameworks.
Video/Podcast / 11-03-2023

From Learning to Code to Open Source Advocate with Brian Douglas | Just Ship It

In this episode, Tracy Lee chats with Brian Douglas, highlighting his career trajectory and open source development. Brian shares his coding journey, starting in 2013 after his son's premature birth prompted him to seek ways to review nearby churches through an app. His self-motivated learning approach, coupled with online tutorials and courses, helped him master Ruby on Rails. Brian's association with Code School led to a position as an engineer.
Video/Podcast / 11-02-2023