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Community Contributions

Skillfull Hands - Tech Angle

Skillful Hands is a regular youth program that is hosted by the TOT Y-church, a ministry under Tushiyah Ministry. Speakers are invited to speak and share on the topic of "Being skilful" across different sectors. In this event, I spoke on the tech angle of "being skilful" and participated in a panel too. The mixed audience was mostly youth and questions I addressed were on my three broad speaking areas; Tech, Digital literacy and Programming. I also covered pitfalls and stages of competence.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 09-16-2023

Let's Talk Tech Communities: GitHub Stars, CircleCI Champions

In this twitter space, I spoke about tech communities and programs that support community trailblazers for the benefit of the broader tech community. I highlighted what the GitHub Stars and CircleCI champion programs are, how to join, and benefits. I expressed my belief that more people should join and its potential wider impact. Context: Google Developer Experts program is the most popular program among techies in Kenya. While attending a Twitter space where a GDE expert was on the panel, I enlightened the audience there are other programs they should be aware of; GitHub Stars included. Quite promptly, I was slotted for the next session. Other links:
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 08-23-2023


This was a session on docs-as-code. I handled three main areas; Markdown as a format, Git for version control, and GitHub as the platform I used Obsidian and VSCode as a text editors and shared a repository later with the details and references of what I touched on. I believe writers in attendance got a better understanding of the subject matter; docs-as-code and could then add it into their toolkit (as most are technical writers and did not use docs-as-code) I'm glad the community has been consistent in having such educative sessions from other speakers.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 08-01-2023