Patrik Svensson

Sweden Sweden

Patrik is a Microsoft MVP and open-source contributor who has been a professional programmer for 16 years. He's probably best known as the creator of the Cake build system and Spectre.Console, a library that makes it easy to build beautiful console applications in .NET. Apart from C#, he likes compilers, Rust (the programming language), and contributing to open-source.

Community Contributions

An introduction to Spectre.Console

I spoke at the Warsaw .NET User Group (WG .NET) in Poland, about Spectre.Console, an open-source project I've created to create more user friendly and modern terminal applications. "With the rise of cross-platform .NET, we're spending more and more time in the terminal, and while there are a lot of different UI technologies for .NET, the terminal experience has never got the same love and attention. Spectre.Console - a .NET library that makes it easy to create expressive, easy-to-use, and beautiful console applications - is trying to change that."
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-17-2022