Oluwasegun Adebayo

Nigeria Nigeria

Segun Adebayo is a seasoned User Interface Engineer with a passion for design systems, accessibility, and product design. He's the creator of Chakra UI, a popular React component library that helps you create accessible websites and apps with speed. Segun is a Product Engineer at Scriba.ai. He also co-founded CareerLyft, an online resume builder to help job seekers in Africa create compelling resumes.

Community Contributions

Zag.js - UI components built with State Machines

Excited to share my latest project, Zag.js UI components powered by State Machines. Zag is a collection of framework-agnostic, accessible widgets (like an accordion, menu, dialog, etc.) that can be used in React, Vue, & Solid.js. This project leans heavily on my recent experiments with XState and finite state machines. Key Goals of Zag: Write once, and use it everywhere Focus on accessibility Headless. Bring your styling solution Powered by state machines
Open source project / 04-27-2022

[Next.js Conf] Building accessible components with State Machines

At Next.js Conf, I demonstrated how to build an accessible slider component using Statecharts and Xstate. During the talk, I covered these topics: - What statecharts and state machines are - The anatomy of a slider component - Build the state machine for a slider component - Create prop connectors for the state machine - Styling the slider component with Chakra UI Next.js Conf Speaker Profile: https://nextjs.org/conf/speakers/segunadebayo
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 10-26-2021