Oluwasegun Adebayo

Nigeria Nigeria

Segun Adebayo is a seasoned Design Engineer passionate about building tools that bridge the gap between design and code. He enjoyed creating tools around design systems, component libraries, and frontend developer tooling. He's the creator and maintainer of popular libraries like Chakra UI, Panda CSS, Zag.js and Ark UI.

Community Contributions

Panda CSS - Zero Runtime CSS-in-JS Styling

Panda is a CSS-in-JS library that generates build time generated styles Here are some of its features ⚡️ Write style objects or style props, extract them at build time ✨ Modern CSS output — cascade layers @layer, css variables and more 🦄 Works with most JavaScript frameworks 🚀 Recipes and Variants - Just like Stitches™️ ✨ 🎨 High-level design tokens support for simultaneous themes 💪 Type-safe styles and autocomplete (via codegen)
Open source project / 07-20-2023

Zag.js - UI components built with State Machines

Excited to share my latest project, Zag.js UI components powered by State Machines. Zag is a collection of framework-agnostic, accessible widgets (like an accordion, menu, dialog, etc.) that can be used in React, Vue, & Solid.js. This project leans heavily on my recent experiments with XState and finite state machines. Key Goals of Zag: Write once, and use it everywhere Focus on accessibility Headless. Bring your styling solution Powered by state machines
Open source project / 04-27-2022