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Hi there! My name is Serah Njambi Rono, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and I am a computer scientist and a writer. I am currently embedded in tech and communities work at, and have served as a technologist and Developer Advocate in the Open Data, Open Source, Open Science space for more than 8 years now. My experience and interests revolve around (i)all things open source, (ii)listening to, working with and empowering communities, (iii)developing and implementing strategies both for various technical projects, and around community building, outreach and the sustainability of existing, mature communities. I am lucky enough to devote my time and energy to work that serves as a precursor to propelling change across communities in different areas of work and domains of expertise - from designing programs and initiatives to support open communities, and contributing to resources that bring communities together to learn and share computational and data science skills, to organising community conferences like, and aspects of SciPy 2019 and 2020, alongside other people. Often, the outcome of work I have collaborated with others on has been a spark in community conversations, contributions and adoptions on different subjects, increased opportunity for community leadership and participation, and pockets of knowledge transfer. I strongly believe that, until all communities are at par in terms of access to resources and empowerment by information that open source initiatives make available, there is more to learn and do. Happy days!

Community Contributions

Open source project / 06-16-2021

Code of Conduct Facilitation in Open Communities

Co-authored the Code of Conduct Facilitation resource to empower community members in Open Communities to step up in situations where code of conduct violations arise in community spaces. In summary, while maintaining the role of the Code of Conduct Committee (CoCc) as a Code of Conduct enforcement body, in the near future, Code of Conduct Facilitators will be trained and actively available to the community as a trusted and neutral point of counsel on Code of Conduct-related matters, monitor online spaces and physical meetings and escalate Code of Conduct incidents for the attention of the CoCc or otherwise certify that the community is functioning as expected. This resource zeroes in on the community, and can be adopted for any community working in open.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 03-17-2021

Community Sustainability in Research Software Communities

One of the major challenges faced by many growing communities is to develop in a way that remains sustainable over time. In this session we explored the concept of sustainability as it relates to scientific communities, discuss the advantages of promoting sustainability, and share resources and approaches you can use to make sure your community remains healthy, engaged, and effective as it continues to grow. If you prefer to read a summary of this session, here's the blog post
Event organization / 07-13-2020

CarpentryCon@Home 2020

worked with community members to put together a seven-week virtual conference, with a schedule ( that prioritized session leads' availability and enabled people to participate in session several times a week without needing to forfeit work or vacation days altogether. In addition to providing guidance as needed as community members designed the conference, I managed the website work and updates, leveraging on the incredible open source work of others
Video/Podcast / 04-30-2020

Online Events: What Works?

In this Disruption Lab Community Call, I borrowed from my experiences in organising csv,conf (, a community conference for data makers everywhere, as well as from the 2020 edition of CarpentryCon (, the 7-week online community conference that The Carpentries ran across different timezones, and shared some quick tips on making the shift from in-person to online events, + highlighted why it is important to prioritize accessibility as you plan for your virtual community events. Twitter thread summarizing what I shared:
Open source project / 04-06-2020

Local and Virtual Event Planning Kit

This resource was developed to support members of a global community in organizing local and regional standalone events. Sections of the Planning Kit can also be treated as standalone references for areas you are struggling with in your event planning. Planning kit for in-person events: Planning kit for virtual events: Launch blog post: