Gabriele Puliti

Italy Italy

I'm a Devops engineer at Sourcesense and the co-founder of the Schrödinger Hat community. My main passions are developed around knowledge sharing and open source software, so with friends I decided to undertake a path to create an Italian community that is interested in this world. With podcasting and videos on youtube we are trying to make people interested and introduce the open source world that in Italy is often not well seen. I also do live coding on twitch where I share my passion for coding, linux and vim. Every projects that I made are hosted on github :)

Community Contributions

GitHub Stories: successes and failures on GitHub

GitHub Stories is a space to tell about the developers and developers who participate in the growth of the open source movement every day! These unsung heroes solve problems, are active in the dev community, and engage in projects of great impact and utility... but very often without funding or recognition. With GitHub Stories we will explore the stories, challenges, technology and culture surrounding the world of software development, open source and GitHub. GitHub Stories is an initiative of Codemotion.
Video/Podcast / 05-03-2022

Open Source Day 2021 - Florence

The digital FOSS Explorer event dedicated to open source expands and becomes a physical event! Speaker & Developers, stay tuned! Join other open source developers to discover FOSS libraries, utilities and projects by listening to their creator directly. There will be 5 speakers who will bring their experience of open source software development and will be available for questions. The CFP will be open until 15 September, you can submit your talk to Sessionize Anyone can participate and can apply for the next event as a speaker. You can do it physically at the event or by emailing us at The event will be also live on our online channel, we will provide before the event start. Following the event we will do some meet & greet with a buffet and some drinks, so we get to know each other a little! We are waiting for you with a mask and green pass!
Event organization / 09-21-2021