Adrian Hajdin

Croatia Croatia

Adrian, the founder of JavaScript Mastery, is a Software Engineer specializing in technical education with a passion for sharing knowledge. He educates hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. His unique teaching approach focuses solely on hands-on learning by building real industry projects, all of which he entirely open sources on GitHub. Adrian encourages his followers to do the same on his JavaScript Mastery YouTube channel. He is well versed in teaching most web technologies but actively works in JavaScript and the MERN stack and is diving into the world of Web3.

Community Contributions

Largest Active JavaScript Discord Server

JavaScript Mastery became an official Discord Partner Server and the largest active JavaScript developer community with over 16 thousand thriving developers. Inside the community, developers can talk about programming, share fabulous websites they've built and stay up to date with the news from the JavaScript world. Most importantly, they can get immediate help whenever they get stuck while building a project. We've created dedicated forum channels to help everyone get help immediately.
Other / 10-10-2022