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Award-winning Open Source & JavaScript Dev Advocate ❯ Google Developers Expert Developer Advocate ❯ Node.js Community Committee Outreach Lead ❯ Edutainer at VSCode.pro & NodeCLI.com ❯ VP of Engineering DevRel @WGA ❯ WordPress Core Team Dev ❯ EE-CS Engineer

Community Contributions

Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 05-01-2020

Performant by Default, React Web Apps in 2020

Building performing React apps is hard. Like really hard. You have to know how to setup webpack, Babel, code-splitting, TypeScript, and the list goes on. What about performance, eh? How about building SSR + SSG + Serverless + Offline enabled applications? In 2020, when building React web applications, my default choice is Next.js. It offers built-in performance, route prefetching, dynamic imports with code splitting, and probably the best server-side rendering experience — all of that with a no config setup. By the end of this talk, you'll be a lot less scared of creating high-performance web applications that are scalable with both static and dynamic serverless components.
Open source project / 04-01-2020

Open-source "corona-cli" (Helping make COVID19 info more accessible)

The project corona-cli ranked #2 in the list of trending GitHub repositories worldwide, engaging over 50,000 developers, got featured at O'Reilly, MetaFilter, Changelog, etc. Led to 515 cloned repositories, 138,431 views, 1,032 stargazers, and 9,200 active installations. Hence making it more accessible to track the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) or the Novel Coronavirus Strain. The sheer amount of contributions, shares on social media, features in different web magazines — and in general over a thousand likes/retweets of this repository led it to be the #2 most trending repo worldwide for two days. This also feels like a huge milestone because it's my way of using my software/FOSS skillset to help with the current COVID19 situation, making the stats easily and more accessible trackable.
Article/Publication / 01-18-2020

Smashing Magazine: Person of the Week

Smashing Magazine has featured Ahmad Awais in their "Person of the Week" series for his contributions in the open-source web community. One developer gets featured on the homepage of SmashingMagazine.com for a week due to their web community contributions. Smashing Magazine receives over 3 million visits every month. Smashing Magazine is the ultimate authority when it comes to web magazines, books, conferences around the topic of Web (performance & accessibility). Getting featured on the homepage for a week about my open source work is nothing short of a dream come true. I believe this has happened due to my work in the open-source web community. I contributed to improving code, docs, fix bugs, & patch security in projects from Google (Chrome, Firebase, AMP), Amazon (AWS Amplify), Microso (Azure), WC (CSSWG), Facebook (React.js), Mozilla, IBM, Gatsby.js, ZEIT, Serverless, webpack, styled-components, ohmyzsh, MDX, and more via @AhmadAwais on GitHub.
Article/Publication / 01-05-2020

What to Expect from the JAMstack in 2020

I was recently interviewed by Brian Rinaldi about JAMstack’s future in 2020. 2019 definitely seemed to be a pivotal year for the JAMstack. New companies cropped up, JAMstack_conf_sf was the biggest event yet and lots of new tools seemed to gain momentum daily. In this series of posts, we’re asking some well-known members of the JAMstack community what they thought about this past year and what they think you can expect for the year to come. This edition features Ahmad Awais, developer advocate for Cloudinary and Google Developer Expert.
Video/Podcast / 10-01-2019

How to Start Contributing to Open Source at #Hacktoberfest With a Github Pull Request #OneDevMinute

As a full-time #OpenSourcerer — October is one of my favorite months. And it's October already. Today's #OneDevMinute is about #Hacktoberfest — it's a month-long online event where you signup at GitHub.com and Hacktoberfest to celebrate Open Source by contributing at least five times between Oct 1-31. Good folks from DigitalOcean, GitHub, and Dev.to will track your open source contributions and upon five successful GitHub pull-requests — you'll receive swag items like a limited edition T-Shirt, stickers, and a few discount codes. Open source is for everyone, it's not just code — developers, designers, event marketers, and content writers can participate. Improve an open-source project's documentation, refactor code, or gift that project a new logo design — just participate and celebrate open source in October.
Article/Publication / 08-14-2019

[Web.dev] Codelab: Use Cloudinary to optimize images

Learn to use Cloudinary's fetch URL API to optimize images and serve them in next-gen formats. This codelab is extremely simple to attempt and has a significant impact on user experience as well as the user experience of a website. I worked alongside Googlers from the DevRel (speed) team, Katie Hempenius, and wrote this Codelab to help people optimize their website images with the least effort possible. I'm one of the first few community developer advocates who contributed to Web.dev without being a Googler.