Ahmad Awais

Canada Canada

Multiple Award-winning Open Source GitHub Star ❯ VP of Developer Relations RapidAPI ❯ Google Developers Expert Developer Advocate ❯ Node.js Community Committee Outreach Lead ❯ Edutainer at VSCode.pro & NodeCLI.com ❯ Ex VP of Engineering DevRel WGA ❯ WordPress Core Team Dev ❯ EE-CS Engineer

Community Contributions

Making Portfolio, Influence, & Money with Open Source Development with GitHub | in Urdu اردو

It's been 12 years since I did a video in Urdu (my mother tongue). Still, after many requests from the local community, I finally just recorded a one-hour-long crash course on everything GitHub and Open Source in Urdu. n Urdu اردو - Salam — This is a relaxed conversation on What is Open Source, Open Source Contributions, Making money, and influencing the tech community with your Open Source code — in Urdu. Learn how GitHub and Open-Source can help change your life.
Video/Podcast / 09-29-2022