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hello hello! in addition to being passionate about open source I also livestream programming on twitch and create educational programming content for youtube! the part of software that excites me the most is developer tooling -- having the power to be a multiplying factor for other developers. I'm particularly excited about code quality, testing, and automation. most of the open source projects I work on further these goals. some of the projects I maintain include pre-commit, flake8, pyflakes, pycodestyle, pytest, tox, deadsnakes, and many many more!

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I maintain / work on far too many projects to list them individually (also the dropdown for this form is frustratingly broken in firefox and requires two clicks! -- also there's an off-by-one in the date picker all of the 12-31-2020 dates were entered as 01-01-2021) so I figured I'd list them in a single entry instead - ( - creator - this is by far the project I'm the most proud of and the one I spend the most time on. pre-commit is a framework for linters and code formatters and also provide automation for git hooks. it supports many different programming languages and aims to eliminate many of the fiddly aspects of installing tools and language runtimes. - - core developer - pytest is the de-facto python testing framework. I work on everything from issue triage, code contributions, release and developer infrastructure, to community support. I started as just another user of pytest myself and after a bunch of features and fixes was welcomed to the contributing team! - - primary maintainer - flake8 is the most popular python linting framework. I've been a long-time user of flake8 and when the previous maintainer burned out on open source I offered to take over and revive the project (and have been running the show ever since!). related to flake8 I also am a maintainer of pyflakes ( and pycodestyle ( which are the primary plugins to flake8 (I also have ~4-5 plugins of my own!) - - core developer - tox is an automation framework for python -- I was invited to be a core developer after significant contributions. - - I wrote my own text editor! - - primary maintainer - deadsnakes provides high quality forward and backports of python distributions for ubuntu. I took over maintenance from the previous maintainer after they stopped working on python! - (60+ other projects) -- and many more! there's too many to list but here's a few of my favorites: all-repos (distributed many-repo search / refactoring tool), pyupgrade (automatic python code improving tool), libsass-python (python bindings for c++ sass compiler), onigurumacffi (a regex engine bindings!), add-trailing-comma (does what it says on the tin!)
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