Erika Heidi

Brazil Brazil

Dev+Ops technical writer and open sourcerer 🧙🏼‍♀️ Developer Experience Engineer at Chainguard. I love to create and build things, and to share what I learn in the process. Passionate about open source, Linux, and PHP 🤗♥️👩‍💻

Community Contributions


Autodocs is a PHP library designed to facilitate building highly customizable automated docs based on markdown templates. Combined with a Minicli application, it provides a layer of abstraction and structure on top of which you can create your own documentation factory. I created this project to help me keep up with the documentation needs for Chainguard Images, which now helps keeping more than a thousand doc pages up-to-date in a GitHub-based workflow with nightly runs.
Open source project / 01-01-2024

Building the World - the story behind Wolfi

As the container ecosystem matures, there is an increased need for new standards and runtime environments that take into consideration security and provenance concerns, driving the next generation of tools and recommended practices to build container images. In this talk, you'll learn everything about Wolfi, a Linux "undistro" built for containers. We'll see why it was created and how it is maintained, using the Wolfi PHP package to demonstrate our open source apk build system.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 10-25-2023