Miguel Ángel Durán García

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I work as Lead Front-End Architect at Adevinta, a marketplace specialist based in Barcelona, Spain. My mission is to accelerate teams by defining a common platform, building cross tools, sharing best practices and helping to solve meaningful problems. I'm passionate about performance and I'm always looking for solutions through technology to offer the best experience to users.

Community Contributions

Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-19-2021

¡Despliega a producción en viernes!

¿Por qué desplegar a producción en viernes se ha convertido en un meme 🤔? Viendo artículos, opiniones y tuits sobre esto... cualquiera diría que es una locura hacerlo. 🤪 ¿Qué nos lo impide? ¿Es la incertidumbre? ¿No nos fiamos de nuestro propio código? Y, lo más importante... ¿Tiene solución? ✅ En esta charla voy a convencerte por qué desplegar en viernes está bien y por qué deberías aspirar a ello. ¡Destruyamos el meme juntos! ¡Qué estamos en 2021! 🚀
Blogpost / 07-16-2021

Cómo usar git bisect para encontrar el commit culpable de un error

Imagina que estás en un proyecto y, de repente, hay un error en producción pero, desde el último pase, se han hecho cientos de commits. ¿Cómo sabes qué commit es el culpable? Hacerlo a mano es una tarea difícil… Para ello es bueno conocer git bisect. Bisect significa partir por la mitad y es justamente lo que va a hacer este comando: ir dividiendo toda la pila de commits en dos partes, una parte de la pila contendrá el error y otra parte no.
Video/Podcast / 05-03-2020

Interview with Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel

I interviewed for more than one hour Guillermo Rauch, CEO, and co-founder of Vercel. Most of the people don't realize that Guillermo is from Argentina and he's a native Spanish speaker. I wanted to give visibility to that as there wasn't almost any content of him speaking in Spanish. It was a very interesting conversation regarding the present and future of web development, the changes in Vercel (just the name changed from ZEIT), and some tips for newcomers in web development.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-08-2019

React rendering strategies: Get the most out of performance, keep bots happy

I spoke about how to improve React performance by using some advance techniques used in production in my company. The description of the talk is at follows: Rendering your app on the client is expensive. Quite expensive if you’re using a library such as React. Applying a Server-Side Rendering strategy was the best solution to improve metrics like First Contentful Paint, and enhance the support for crawlers. Until now. How can we improve the user experience in terms of performance while keeping the best support for crawlers? How can we mitigate the hydration cost? How to definitely improve our Time-To-Interactive metric of our React application? In this talk, we will share some of the techniques we have been using in Adevinta as well as our insights after applying them during months in production. We will explore what Dynamic Rendering and Progressive Rendering are, their benefits over the performance, the limitations of each one and how to implement them.