Samson Goddy

Nigeria Nigeria

I’m Samson, a software developer who believes in changing the world. I’m an open source advocate, primarily maintaining Sugar Desktop while also serving on the board of directors with Sugar Labs, and sustaining Open Source Collective as a board member. I also co-founded Open Source Community Africa, a movement that promotes and educates everything open source within Africa . I’m currently consulting with the African Union, the International Telecommunication Union, and UN Women to bring more women into technology.

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E72 Experience panel: Kickstarting an international tech career from Nigeria

Gaining skills with computers and technology has been an attractive path for recent generations to gain access to international career opportunities and generate income. In this episode, we talk with three rising stars who have developed great careers as tech leaders, advocates, and teachers, and they've done so while living in Africa (Nigeria). What about these people's stories is common to everyone working in tech? And what parts of their experience might be unique to being Nigerian? Also, what is the tech scene in Nigeria like, overall?
Video/Podcast / 09-17-2021