Samson Goddy

Nigeria Nigeria

Seasoned open source program manager and DevRel professional with over a decade of working with multi-cultural teams and extensive expertise in community building, advocacy, and strategic partnerships around the developer's communities. An effective leader with a proven ability to supervise and lead high-performance teams to ensure success in achieving company goals in a highly competitive business environment.

Community Contributions

Devfest Abuja 2023

I gave a keynote to more than 1k+ developers at Devfest Abuja, and the title of the talk was "Open Source Synergy: Fueling the Next-Gen Software with Community Building", this talk was centered around how OSS has shaped modern-day software development enabling corporates to adopt some of the working models, why they are adopting those models, going back to the history of open source definition, the three decades of open source and where we are at the moment. From advocating governance and definition to advocating and using open source by default, and now with the power of AI (I used GitHub Copilot chat) as a use case to how building complex software is even more possible, with onboarding into legacy codebase to making your contribution much faster. I displayed how Copilot helped me to understand a code I wrote around nine years ago. Lastly, I introduce the concept of Supply Chain Security and why the everyday developer needs to be aware of securing open source code.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-25-2023

Code to Community: Nurturing the Unity in the Open Source Ecosystem

I gave a talk at a local meetup in Vermont, organized by cool open source folks within UVM called the "Open Source Connector". The conversation focused on the best ways to effectively build a welcoming and vibrant community around your open source projects. I highlighted some of the work I have done with my experience supporting the Sugar Labs and the Sugar Desktop Environment, why it is always important to measure the community's health, and understand how contributors interact with projects. There was a bit of demoing with model connecting to Github to showcase contributor metrics.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-01-2023

From Users to Contributors: Strategies for Effective Community Management

As people keep adopting open source in different areas, it is becoming harder to understand what "openness" genuinely mean, especially in places like open science, government, and open education. I was part of the "Interdisciplinary Open Practices Workshop" hosted by the Open Source Program team at the University of Vermont, and the goal was to understand areas of open work practices and how people build collaboration. I gave a talk under "Openness Expertise through Practice", on how companies and open source projects are using platforms like Github to manage communities and why it is essential to enable users to become contributors, the ways to support them, areas to improve upon like great documentations to effectively create more engagement and usage.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 10-28-2023

Open Source Festival 2023

For the third time in a row, I hosted the Open Source Festival 2023 with colleagues from OSCA, and it was our biggest yet, with over two thousand participants in Lagos, Nigeria. The Open Source Festival is arguably one of the most technology conferences in Africa and the most influential Open Source gathering on the continent. It is the flagship event of the organization I co-founded to support the ecosystem's growth within Africa. I was the event chair, leading things like fundraising, event strategy, and other related activities, working with organizations to create collaborations and support developers through the events, and working and onboarded speakers while focusing on creating an almost one-week-long festival of experiences with all things open source.
Event organization / 06-15-2023