Vinit Shahdeo

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Vinit Shahdeo is a Software Engineer at Postman. He adores JavaScript and has a deep abiding love for web development. His charitable inclination coupled with a passion for what he is doing, inspires him for open source. You can often find him helping beginners to kickstart their open source journey. Outside of GitHub, catch him for a quick best of 3 on the badminton court.

Community Contributions

Muddle through Hacktoberfest'21 like a pro

Calling out Project Maintainers and mentors to guide beginners in kickstarting their open-source journey by completing the Hacktoberfest'21 challenge. I have started this open-source celebration journey with an optimistic vision of hitting the following number: 100 Mentors, 1000 Contributors, 250 Repositories, 500 Issues and 50 Events So far, 190+ mentors and 900+ mentees have joined. We have successfully delivered 10+ events at different engineering colleges in India.
Blogpost / 09-21-2021