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Vinit Shahdeo is a Software Engineer at Postman. He adores JavaScript and has a deep abiding love for web development. His charitable inclination coupled with a passion for what he is doing, inspires him for open source. You can often find him helping beginners to kickstart their open source journey. Outside of GitHub, catch him for a quick best of 3 on the badminton court.

Community Contributions

Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 04-22-2020

Webinar on Competitive Programming

Coding has been a hot topic for a prolonged time. Everyone wants to be a programmer/developer. But most of us are stuck where, to begin with. A lot of us have a passion for it, just need a path to channel it. And I learned it the hard way, a little late. I'm thankful to Skillenza Hustler Community for providing me a platform to share my coding journey. In collaboration with them, I conducted a YouTube live session which is attended by 200+ students.
Open source project / 03-01-2020

Water Monitoring System

An IoT based project that helps to monitor the water level in a tank and alerts users in case of an overflow or water depletion. This project aims to save natural resources effectively. The vision for this project is to provide a system for society to overcome water related problems in cities. Water is perhaps the second most important substance on the Earth, after air. This system helps the user to keep a track of the water filling up in the tanks placed on the terrace.