Anand Chowdhary

Netherlands Netherlands

I'm a creative technologist, entrepreneur, and avid open-source contributor. I founded Pabio, an interior design and furniture subscription startup funded by Y Combinator; and Oswald Labs, an award-winning accessibility technology company. I use open-source code as a way of scratching my own itch; most of my 100+ repositories are tools to solve problems or experiments with new ideas, including Upptime (one of the first projects in the GitHub Externship program) with 8k+ stars.

Community Contributions

GitHub Satellite 2021

During the pandemic, I moved back to India and helped start Karuna 2020, a nonprofit that distributed meals to thousands of migrant laborers and masks to frontline workers. My team and I ended up building an open source platform on top of GitHub Actions to track donations, volunteers, distributions, etc. Richa Kumar (Senior Director of Software Engineering at GitHub) interviewed me about my journey founding Karuna 2020 and building these tools, and I spoke about how the open source community came together during the pandemic and built tools for accountability and information in this 30-min talk. The video is available on GitHub's YouTube channel:
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 03-26-2021