Barbara Forbes

Netherlands Netherlands

Barbara is the Azure technical lead @ OGD in the Netherlands. Her focus is on Azure and automation. Think Serverless, Azure DevOps, PowerShell, GitHub and Infrastructure as Code. She loves teaching in an approachable way and has found multiple ways to reach people. She regularly writes posts for her blog and speaks at conferences and user groups. She helps grow the community as co-founder of the Dutch DevOps & GitHub community (DDOG), as well as co-hosting the Dutch PowerShell User Group (DUPSUG).

Community Contributions

[Update Conference Prague]Use Bicep for Azure application infrastructure

"If you've been working with ARM templates, you have probably heard about Bicep. If you have found the Bicep repository on GitHub, you might have followed the tutorials that are available already. But how do you take the next steps? How do you make use of all the possibilities that are available to deploy your Azure application infrastructure. We will look at some real-life examples when deploying web apps, network components, key vaults and other resources. To bring it together, let's see how it fits into your CICD process. With the right mix between flexibility and usability, you can start with a solution that you create once and use for all your applications."
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-30-2021

[European Cloudsummit]Deploy a PowerShell Function App to Azure in less than 10 minutes

With Azure PowerShell function apps general available, serverless automation Is a great option for all your Azure administration, event driven scripts and interaction with data in storage accounts or databases. In this session, we will focus on how you can deploy your own function app in a matter of minutes. We will take a look at the options that are available and get a good understanding through demo's. After that, you can pick your favorite method and create your own right away.  
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-30-2021

Creating an API to find an Azure resource abbreviation

With the API I came up with, you can get the resource abbreviation based on the Resource Name or the Resource Namespace. It can work with both a body or a query and it supports wildcards. I have made the code available on GitHub. You can take the code and host the function on your own Azure tenant. For an easy implementation, I have also made my own function publicly available. You are free to use it for your own automation.
Blogpost / 10-24-2021