Anand Chowdhary

Netherlands Netherlands

I'm a creative technologist, entrepreneur, and avid open-source contributor. I founded Pabio, an interior design and furniture subscription startup funded by Y Combinator; and Oswald Labs, an award-winning accessibility technology company. I use open-source code as a way of scratching my own itch; most of my 100+ repositories are tools to solve problems or experiments with new ideas, including Upptime (one of the first projects in the GitHub Externship program) with 12k+ stars.

Community Contributions

Ask Jeeves

Get any question answered. A knowledge search engine powered by Google Search and GPT-4, similar to Bing Chat or You. It's an open source project I made as a proof of concept for "the next generate of search engines" and uses the Google Search API to find webpages, scrapes them, summarizes the webpage using GPT 3.5 turbo, and answers questions using the summary and GPT-4. For example, you can ask questions like "Does Twitter hire remote workers?" and it will show you its step-by-step thinking and answer the question.
Open source project / 06-12-2023


As part of my ongoing effort to make my life open source, my repository AnandChowdhary/themes tracks my yearly theme on GitHub and exposes an API. I use Yearly Themes from The Theme System as an alternate to New Year's Resolutions. My yearly theme dictates my quarterly OKRs and helps me make decisions. [New Year's] Resolutions are specific goals, e.g., "I will lose X kg by Y date" or "I will go to the gym X times every week", which makes them very easy to fail. Themes, on the other hand, evolve to what you make of them. The idea is simple -- an overarching theme acts as a North Star and guides you in making microdecisions. Your theme might be "Year of Health", but what that meant to you when you started the year might be very different from where you end up, but that's the point -- themes are malleable. You might have started deadlifting, changed to core exercises, or switched to watching your diet -- the theme remains the same, health. Whether you're on major crossroads (e.g., "should I focus on mental health and quit my job?") or whether you're making a tiny decisions (e.g., "should I order take out or cook something?"), your theme pushes you in one or the other direction.
Open source project / 01-01-2023