Anand Chowdhary

Netherlands Netherlands

I'm a creative technologist, entrepreneur, and avid open-source contributor. I founded Pabio, an interior design and furniture subscription startup funded by Y Combinator; and Oswald Labs, an award-winning accessibility technology company. I use open-source code as a way of scratching my own itch; most of my 100+ repositories are tools to solve problems or experiments with new ideas, including Upptime (one of the first projects in the GitHub Externship program) with 12k+ stars.

Community Contributions

How to open source as a startup at GitHub Universe

Anand Chowdhary reflects on his journey building an accessibility technology company that started as an open source browser extension, and building and launching an open source project with 10k+ stars as a side project at his new startup. In this session, open source maintainers will learn about open source monetization options like dual licensing and how to fundraise and build a business around open source projects, and founders will learn about the benefits of investing in open source as a startup.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-09-2022