Leonardo Montini

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As a Web Developer and Open Source enthusiast, I'm on a journey to not just write code, but to inspire a community of passionate human beings. Through my articles and videos (DevLeonardo on YouTube), my aim is to ignite the flames of curiosity in developers, both new and seasoned, driving them to the Open Source world. Sorry for team dogs but... I'm on team cats! đŸ˜ș

Community Contributions

Multi-Window Visual Studio Code

The most upvoted feature ever on Visual Studio Code is coming soon! 🚀 That's not a clickbait headline, with 2885 upvotes on the GitHub Issue it's actually ranked first. A limitation that Visual Studio Code always had was that everything had to stay inside the main window, without multi-screen support for example. This limitation will be removed quite soon, with the new floating window feature! You can drag a tab outside the main window and a floating window will appear! It's not on the stable version yet (1.84) but you can already use it in the Insiders Edition.
Video/Podcast / 11-29-2023

Copilot Chat Speaks YOUR Language (agents and other cool features)

Each Visual Studio Code update brings new features to GitHub Copilot Chat, let's see some of them! Agents is probably the most powerful! It provides an AI trained in a very specific field, which can also be your internal documentation and repositories, giving bespoke answers to your needs. The quick chat can also give you terminal-related suggestions and with a single click you can paste the generated command ready to use. Eager to learn about what's next? Here's the keyword... NEXT! You should follow the GitHub Next team in their research to learn what is coming soon. Did I also mention it replies in your language? Ciao Copilot! GitHub Next: https://githubnext.com/
Video/Podcast / 11-22-2023

Debug a React app with Visual Studio Code

Debugging a React app is far from being an easy task... if you don't know the tools you already have, for free! There are indeed some React-specific tools, but today let's see together one that actually works pretty much with everything! I'll use a simple React app as a playground, but the exact same instructions work for any other framework and language in general, with some little tweaks. I'm talking about the Visual Studio Code debugger.
Video/Podcast / 11-16-2023

Contributing to HUGE Open Source Projects

Contributing to a large Open Source project can be intimidating at first, but we see a clear reward. 🏆 How cool would it be to merge a PR on those projects? Let me share with you some tips on how to get started. In my case, this helped me secure a dozen PRs on Visual Studio Code in the past year. First of all, start small. Your first PR won't probably be the most amazing and useful feature of the year, however, let's see how you can get started! ⚠ WARNING ⚠ This also involves reading the documentation at some point.
Video/Podcast / 10-12-2023

Give credit to Open Source Contributors

Green squares on GitHub cannot automatically track every kind of contribution. đŸŸ© A simple example? Everything that happens outside the platform is clearly out of reach. It can be mentoring new contributors, talking about the project or giving suggestions in Discord, to name a few cases. What can we do about it? Listing the contributors in the README sounds like a good idea, but how? Add their GitHub handle? Write a line or two of description? Well, there's a tool called all-contributors which lets you manage an organized table in your README to give credit for all kinds of activities, grouped by category. A cool way to say thank you to everyone involved in the project, even if they're not actively closing Pull Requests. If you're a maintainer of a project and you're not using this tool yet, or if you're a contributor and you'd like your projects to use this tool, that's what today's video is about! :)
Video/Podcast / 10-04-2023