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I'm Head of Developer Experience and Education at Remote, meme maker on the internet, and friend of devs. I love teaching people new ways of coding things, and helping people do better in their jobs and communities.

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Various podcasts

Here's a selection of the podcasts I recorded in the year 2021! - The Parent Trap Featuring Cassidy Williams - Creating a Developer Advocacy Program: A Conversation with Cassidy Williams - Cassidy Williams: TikTok & Social Media Queen, Keyboard Aficionado - VS Code and the Extended VS Code Universe with Jonathan Carter & Cassidy Williams - #04 - Cassidy Williams - Jamstack with Cassidy, Ben, and Tara from Netlify - Mechanical Keyboards, Streaming, and Pizza with Cassidy Williams - Ace the job interview with Cassidy Williams - Memes, Streams & Software with Cassidy Williams - Did You Enjoy the Vue, Cassidoo? - How to create content and build communities - Intro to Next.js with Core Code - Stack Overflow's April Fools' Day: The Key - Niche jokes and niche communities - Exploring Developer Experience - Dreams and Disasters in 2020 - Cassidy Williams (Principal DX Engineer, Netlify) loves a wholesome Korean Drama - An Interview with Cassidy Williams, Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify - React, Funny Videos & Public Speaking - Overthinkers Society #11 - Tech & Coding - Reactant episode two, featuring Cassidy Williams - Understanding Developer Advocacy - Cassidy Williams at the core of developer experience - JS Danger: OpenJS World Edition - Social Friendships and Internet Creativity - Building High Performing Apps on React - Exploring Public Speaking - Choosing the right job - React vs. Vue - How to have a fulfilling career in tech - Know What You Want and Periodically Review Your Career Direction - Establishing your personal brand - 3 Ways to Deconstruct Problems That Cause Imposter Syndrome - Lift as you climb - Learning to Soar - Mechanical Keyboards and Scrabble Keycaps with Cassidy
Video/Podcast / 11-30-2021

Various blog posts

Here's a selection of blog posts I wrote in 2021: - Using Next.js 12 on Netlify - No joke—you can buy our copy/paste keyboard right now - Get your first software developer job - Build a your own online shop with Next.js and Shopify - Introduction to the Jamstack: What, Why, and How - Build a modern shopping site with Astro and serverless functions - Hack the “Deploy to Netlify” Button Using Environment Variables to Make a Customizable Site Generator - Connection and Collaboration on Polywork - React 18 Alpha is out! Now what? - Shallow Routing in Next.js - Incremental Static Regeneration: Building static sites a little at a time
Blogpost / 11-30-2021

Various talks

I spoke at a variety of events in 2021, with talks and events including: - It Depends - GitHub Universe - Astro from the Ground Up - Jamstack Conf 2021 - Introduction to Next.js - Speaking of Joy - Cassidy Williams: TikTok & Social Media Queen, Keyboard Aficionado - React Contributor Days - MDD: Meme-Driven Development - MDD: Meme-Driven Development - Architecting with Next.js - Okta Developer Day Closing Keynote - Women Who Code Buenos Aires presents #InterviewSessions | Let's chat with Cassidy Williams - Get a Job: An Interactive Discussion to Land your Perfect Job - Databases in the Jamstack - Code Inspector Talks - Cassidy Williams - Q&A with React 18 Working Group - Front-End Test Fest - Distributed Persistent Rendering for Large E-commerce Sites - OSWeekends Madrid - Intro to Next.js with Core Code - Web Performance and Core Web Vitals - The k(no)w code show at SXSW - The Zero to One Playbook for DevRels - Introduction to Next.js" turned Q&A coffee chat - Scaling yourself: Building what works for you - You Got This (From Your Couch) - Intro to React with Cassidy Williams
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-30-2021