Cassidy Williams

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I'm CTO at Contenda, meme maker on the internet, and friend of devs. I love teaching people new ways of coding things, and helping people do better in their jobs and communities!

Community Contributions

The Willingness to Try Something Different with Munnawar Hashim, Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly

This episode features an interview with Munnawar Hashim, a Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly. Munnawar joined the dev community in 2020 after a successful career as an English language teacher. He is passionate about diversity, comedy, and exploring integrations and plug-ins. In this episode, Cassidy and Zach sit down with Munnawar to discuss stepping out of your comfort zone, expressing gratitude through emojis, and Sega Mega Drives.
Video/Podcast / 03-01-2023