Cassidy Williams

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Hi! I’m Cassidy, and I like to make memes and dreams and software! I’m a startup advisor and investor, developer experience expert, open source-er, and meme-maker on the internet. I love teaching people new ways of coding things, and helping people do better in their jobs and communities!

Community Contributions

The Last Tech Podcast: Cassidy Williams

In this conversation, Eve Porcello interviews Cassidy Williams, a software engineer, developer advocate, tech executive and advisor, teacher, live streamer, and podcaster. Cassidy discusses her work on Brainstory, an app that helps users talk out their ideas. She also talks about her workshop series, Process Over Goals, which focuses on developing effective workflows. Cassidy shares her experience creating a newsletter and the importance of speaking up for oneself. She also emphasizes the value of negotiation in various aspects of life. In this conversation, Cassidy and Eve discuss the importance of negotiation and the need for open discussions about money. They also talk about the challenges in understanding React and the importance of communication in the React community. Cassidy also shares the story behind the creation of the Jumblie game and her future plans for it.
Video/Podcast / 06-13-2024

Maintaining your joy in open source

May is Maintainer Month, and this year's theme is the joys of open source maintenance. Being a maintainer is hard work, but there’s also joy in the experience, which is sometimes easy to lose sight of. Creating things, putting them out into the world, and seeing other people use and contribute back to them is exhilarating, especially when you’re first starting out. So how do you hold on to the joy over the course of months or years?
Article/Publication / 05-30-2024