Vladimír Gorej

Czechia Czechia

Vladimír Gorej is a Prague-based software engineer passionate about software/code quality, Functional and Reactive programming. Vladimír is formerly Technical Team Lead of Oracle, Principal Software Engineer at Apiary and held other senior engineering and leading roles in international companies like Ubiquiti Networks or SecurityScorecard. He's been active in the Open Source community for the last ten years and currently utilizes his experience in this field as an Open Source Software Engineer at SmartBear. Vladimír holds all OpenSource Best Practices certifications awarded by The Linux Foundation. His favorite programming languages include JavaScript, Python, and Elixir.

Community Contributions

OpenAPI Path Templating library

OpenAPI Path Templating parser, validator and resolver. Path Templating allow defining values based on information that will only be available within the HTTP message in an actual API call. This mechanism is used by Paths Object of OpenAPI specification. openapi-path-templating is a parser, validator and resolver for OpenAPI Path Templating. It supports Path Templating defined in following OpenAPI specification versions: - OpenAPI 2.0 - OpenAPI 3.0.0 - OpenAPI 3.0.1 - OpenAPI 3.0.2 - OpenAPI 3.0.3 - OpenAPI 3.1.0
Open source project / 12-11-2023