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🔭 Co-organizer of the biggest GitHub User Group in the universe | 💼 Chief Product Officer @ datreeio | 🔧 YAML Engineer | ☸️ Maintainer & contributor of various Kubernetes-related OSS projects | 🎙️ Podcaster | 🧙‍♂️ Big fan of PLG (Product Led Growth) | 🐐 Goats lover

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Most open source projects are not “taking-off”, although they are really good! This is because developers (which are usually the creators of open source projects) think that writing the code is the hard part and “neglect” the other parts of publishing a good open source project. In this talk, I used my experience as a contributor to open source and product head of a startup, to go beyond writing the code itself and cover the other central aspects of creating an open source project, like MVP, product/market fit, marketing and more.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-25-2021

Validating Configs from Code to Deployment in the GitOps World

With great power comes great responsibility. While GitOps empowers your engineering organization with greater ownership - it can also have the downsides of being dangerous, if not properly managed and configured, as ultimately every engineer can impact production. In this talk, we will go over some best practices when applying GitOps in your engineering organization, and ways to automate the validation of Infrastructure as Code config files, in order to build stability inherently into your GitOps practices.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-10-2021

Why you need to use Kubernetes schema validation tools

Running schema validation tests is important, and the sooner the better. If all machines (e.g., local developer environments, continuous integration [CI], etc.) have access to your Kubernetes cluster, run kubectl --dry-run in server mode on every code change. If this isn't possible and you want to perform schema validation tests offline, use kubeconform together with a policy-enforcement tool to have optimal validation coverage.
Article/Publication / 07-06-2021