Peace Ojemeh

Nigeria Nigeria

Peace is a product designer living in Nigeria 🇳🇬. She helps organisations and communities design, maintain & improve the quality of their products to match the needs of their target audience. She believes so much in the essence of community & collaboration. Hence, have chosen to remain actively involved in strengthening communities around me, particularly in her areas of interests. She holds & reckons pertinently in the theory that, for every building, bricks & mortar are vital to the actualisation of the structure, which entails collaboration & contribution.

Community Contributions

Why Both Open Source and Africa's Future Successes are Intertwined

In this talk we discussed the current state of Africa, the challenges it faced, and how Open Source can be used as a tool for development, innovation, and collaboration. Through success stories and real-world examples, highlighting the impact of Open Source on Africa's development and the important opportunities it presents for the future. Notably, GitHub effort in creating impact in Africa through the All in Africa program among other statistics shown in the 2023 Octoverse report.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 01-25-2024

The intersection between Open Source Communities and Ethereum.

I was invited to lead a user group to discuss how the Ethereum community can improve its relationship with the broader open source communities. We discussed things like supporting open source projects we rely on GitHub, using GitHub as a hub to identify developers actively contributing to Ethereum projects and incentivising them, and creating more educational resources around Ethereum to dispel the misconception of it being "just crypto" and many more conversation around sustainability.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-15-2023

Why both Open Source and Africa's future are intertwined

I delivered a captivating keynote at Penpot Fest, with a focus on unlocking Africa's potential for Open Source. The talk emphasized Africa's crucial role in the success of Open Source communities and highlighted the importance of collaboration. Additionally, it covered the significant impact that the OSCA team and I has achieved in the past 5 years since we started building the Open Source Community Africa. It was good to learn after the conference that my talk was ranked top 3 of all the talks at the fest :)
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 06-30-2023

S.O.S design podcast: with Alonso Torres, Máirín Duffy & Martin Owens

I co-hosted the SOS Design Podcast alongside Pia Mancini, Eriol Fox, and Victory Brown. In the podcast, we interviewed three guests. First, we talked to Alonso Torres, a Front-end Developer at Penpot, about the origins of Penpot and its importance as an alternative to proprietary design tools. Then, we discussed designing upstream in open source with Máirín Duffy, a Senior Principal Interaction Designer at Red Hat, and learned about the benefits of open source tooling and her project, Podman Desktop. Finally, we heard from Martin Owens, an Independent Free Software Developer at Inkscape, who shared his experiences funding open source development and the impact of companies on open source projects.
Video/Podcast / 06-30-2023