Peace Ojemeh

Nigeria Nigeria

Peace is a product designer living in Nigeria ūüá≥ūüá¨. She helps organisations and communities design, maintain & improve the quality of their products to match the needs of their target audience. She believes so much in the essence of community & collaboration. Hence, have chosen to remain actively involved in strengthening communities around me, particularly in her areas of interests. She holds & reckons pertinently in the theory that, for every building, bricks & mortar are vital to the actualisation of the structure, which entails collaboration & contribution.

Community Contributions

Sustain Africa - Organizer

Sustain Africa is a one-day conversation for Open Source Software Sustainers. We would be talking about Sustainability - the sustainability of resources and the sustainability of its people. The conversation around the comprehensive overview of how FOSS is developed, maintained, utilized, and providing a roadmap for solving the cultural, financial, and institutional issues among open source project maintainers continues to be the focus of Sustain. At the Sustain Africa summit, there would be no keynotes, talks, or sponsor demos. Your undivided attention will be required. Phones and laptops will not be used throughout, and you will be asked to put devices away if they are a distraction to you or anyone else, as facilitators take you through the journey of Open Source Sustainability.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 03-24-2022

Core Team

Serving as a member of the core team of Open Source Community Africa (OSCA) leading the open source movement in Africa. Open Source Community Africa (OSCA) is for open source lovers, enthusiasts, advocates and experts within and across Africa with the sole aim of increasing the rate of credible contributions by African software developers, designers, writers and everyone involved in the sphere of technology to open source projects both locally and globally.
Open source project / 01-01-2022