Gina Häußge

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Passionate code monkey. Geek. Gamer. Hobby baker. Creator & maintainer of OctoPrint. In love with software development since early childhood which led to a diploma in Computer Science. Several years of work in the industry before turning working on Open Source full time in 2014, crowd funded by the community since 2016.

Community Contributions

Open source project / 12-25-2012


In December 2012 I created "OctoPrint", a web interface for remote controlling and monitoring consumer 3D Printers. What started as a side project I did after-hours, on weekends and during vacations next to my employment turned into a full time job when I was first hired by a 3d printer company in August 2014 and then in June 2016 switched to a fully community funded work model, working exclusively on moving the project forward. I manage the project and coordinate the various contributors, design and implement new functionality and improvements, take care of the constant project maintenance (bug fixing, testing, release management) and also do community management. Since its inception in 2012 OctoPrint has become the de-facto standard for consumer 3D printer web interfaces with ~100000 confirmed instances installed worldwide as of August 2020 and a flourishing plugin ecosystem.