Gina Häußge

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Passionate code monkey. Geek. Gamer. Hobby baker. Creator & maintainer of OctoPrint. In love with software development since early childhood which led to a diploma in Computer Science. Several years of work in the industry before turning working on Open Source full time in 2014, crowd funded by the community since 2016.

Community Contributions

"Today I Learned"

After a relaunch of my personal webpage at, I also created a small TIL (Today I Learned) section, in which since then I've been regularly sharing really short posts about things I learned during my daily tasks. Examples include how to use jq to extract new posts from a JSON feed, how to trim screenshots from the command line, how to fix VirtualBox under Fedora 38 and similar. Whenever I go "oh, that might help others" after solving an issue, I now try to write up a quick TIL post.
Other / 01-20-2023