Santosh Yadav

Germany Germany

Santosh works as a Senior Software Engineer at Celonis and is a GDE for Angular, GitHub Star, Nx Champion and an Auth0 Ambassador. He loves contributing to Angular and its eco-system. He is co-founder of This is Learning. He is also the author of the Ngx-Builders package and part of the NestJsAddOns core Team. He is also running This is Tech Talks talk show, where he invites industry experts to discuss different technologies.

Community Contributions

GitHub Actions Best Practices

GitHub Actions has become an integral part of any organization today, developers are using it for CI/CD every day at work and even in personal projects, thanks to the generous free tier by GitHub. But with great power comes great responsibility, there are external entities waiting for you to make a mistake and they can get access to your infrastructure. In this talk, we will learn about: - GitHub Actions Best Practices - Securing your GitHub Actions I am sure this will be an interesting topic for everyone using GitHub Actions daily.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 05-23-2024