Hiroki Ohtsuka

Japan Japan

Hiroki is a software engineer who constantly works to improve software development and code, building professional agile teams. He is a pioneer in Japan in introducing an efficient development workflow using GitHub, which is not only for the open source world, but also for programmers working in companies, and has been promoting its adoption since 2011. It is now a practical guide that many companies can use. His book, "A Practical Introduction to GitHub," was published in 2014, but is still read by many Japanese people when they start using GitHub and is used by many companies as the first book that programmers just starting out in their company should read and learn. The book was also translated into Chinese and Korean, which catalyzed many Asians, including Japanese, to start using GitHub. Without his work, fewer people in Japan would be able to use GitHub in their companies on a regular basis, and it would have taken many years for a revolution in software development to take place.