Yusuke Kuoka

Japan Japan

Containers, ☸️ and ʕ◔ϖ◔ʔ related thing-doer / AWS Container Hero / Primary maintainer of famous helmfile, actions-runner-controller, and various Kubernetes-related projects

Community Contributions


I've been maintaining and leading the actions-runner-controller project for almost a year to help people leverage GitHub Actions self-hosted runners easily on their Kubernetes clusters. The project was started by the original author @summerwind. I've contributed a lot of fixes, documentation, features since then. I've led it to have a dedicated GitHub organization, one additional maintainer, too. We've succesfully made dozens of releases and apparently user base is still growing.
Open source project / 04-28-2021


Helmfile is a tool to declaratively manage K8s resources. It has a lot of integrations for various secrets providers, clouds, and K8s deployment tools such as Kustomize and Helm. Many folks and companies have been using it in production as introduced in https://github.com/roboll/helmfile/blob/master/USERS.md. Although the repository is still owned by @roboll, I've been the primary maintainer of the project since 2018. I started contributing it even before I become the primary maintainer, and I'm still keeping it.
Open source project / 01-01-2021