Jan De Dobbeleer

Belgium Belgium

Microsoft MVP, GitKraken Ambassador and creator/maintainer of oh-my-posh, a prompt theming engine for PowerShell and beyond. Originally started out as a watchmaker but transitioned into software development to pursue a passion I had growing up. The baby steps I took as a WindowsPhone developer moved me into interesting positions as app developer, Team lead all the way to managing more people and teams. In 2016 I created a prompt utility for my own needs as the only Windows developer between Unix aficionados which to this day brings joy to a lot of terminals around the world.

Community Contributions

The Pursuit of Happiness: Oh My Posh - Jan De Dobbeleer

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Someone Elses Podcast, where we talk to people to hear about their story, motivations, challenges with working in technology. In this episode, I had the opportunity to chat with Jan De Dobbeleer, CTO of Trend Miner, Microsoft MVP and the creator of Oh My Posh! We discuss how Jan got into technology, how Oh My Posh was created, the challenges with developing the command line and advice from his experiences along the way!
Video/Podcast / 11-10-2022