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Elio Struyf is an independent Lead DevTools Engineer working for Rapid API, Blogger, and Speaker on a mission to share his tried-and-true wisdom with as many IT developers as possible. Armed with a deep-rooted passion for all things information technology, he has always been of the belief that one’s job should go beyond something that just “pays the bills”. What you do for a living should leave you feeling inspired every day of your life. For the last 12 years, he has been immersed in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint development, earning multiple awards along the way. He has also had the opportunity to share his know-how at various speaking engagements and create articles for his blog that help others on their professional journeys.

Community Contributions

Open source project / 02-13-2021

VSCode Front Matter Extension

This VSCode extension simplifies working with your markdown articles' front matter when using a static site generator like Hugo, Jekyll, Hexo, NextJs, Gatsby, and many more... For example, you can keep a list of used tags, categories and add/remove them from your article with the extension. The extension will automatically verify if your title and description are SEO compliant. If this would not be the case, it will give you a warning.
Open source project / 12-17-2020

VSCode SPFx Localization

This extension for Visual Studio Code makes it easier to work with locale resource files in SharePoint Framework projects. The extension has the ability to export all locale labels to a CSV file to make translations easier to process. Once the CSV file is complete, the data could be imported. Besides the CSV import and export functionality. The extension allows you to quickly add new locale labels, importing the resource dependency reference to your file and showing the locale label values while hovering over their name in code.
Blogpost / 10-28-2020

#DevHack: Dynamic manifests for Progressive Web App aka PWA

In the previous #DevHack, I told you how to use deep links in your PWA for Microsoft Teams. This approach I currently implemented in one of my proof of concepts. Another functionality that my POC needed to have is to have dynamic manifest creating for the PWA. Info #DevHack: Deep linking to Microsoft Teams in Android and iOS In this #DevHack, I will tell you how you can make it possible to get dynamic manifests for your PWA using Azure Static Web Apps and Azure Functions.
Event organization / 10-24-2020

Collabdays Benelux Online

Each year the BIWUG community, of which I am one of the board members, organizes an event on a Saturday to share knowledge about Microsoft 365. This year due to Corona, we couldn’t hold it in person, so we created an online platform and held it together with the DIWUG (Dutch User-Group) on the 24th of October. More information about the event and the technology behind it can be found on: https://www.eliostruyf.com/recap-of-collab-days-benelux-running-an-event-on-azure-static-web-app/
Blogpost / 09-22-2020

SPFx issues with the new Referrer-Policy in Chrome >= 85

Since version 85 of Chrome, the default referrer policy has changed from no-referrer-when-downgrade to strict-origin-when-cross-origin. This change might have a significant impact on your SharePoint Framework solutions when they rely on the referrer header (or better, the referer header with a single “r”). What is the referrer header? Whenever your browser does an API call, the referrer header gets used to indicate the page’s origin from where it was performed.
Blogpost / 04-17-2020

How to use Cypress to test your SharePoint solution with an Azure AD-secured API

How to use Cypress to test your SharePoint solution with an Azure AD-secured API In January 2020, I explained my approach to how you can make use of Cypress to test out your SharePoint solutions. Cypress is great to use and simple to configure. I like the capability of running individual tests on your local machine to verify if the solution is still working as expected once you implemented changes, and do full runs after nightly builds.
Blogpost / 03-11-2020

Showing a spinner when dynamically loading resources for your SPFx property pane

In your SharePoint Framework web parts, you have the option to load resources dynamically. These resources could be data you want to fetch or dynamically load controls before the property pane panel gets shown. To achieve this, you implement the logic in the loadPropertyPaneResources method. Info: You can find more information about dynamically loading controls here: Special property pane dynamic loading.
Blogpost / 02-27-2020

Utilize Playwright together with Jest to cross-browser E2E test your solutions

On my journey to select the best tool for our end-to-end tests for our teams, I tested out the recently announced Playwright tool from Microsoft. This tool is the new version of Puppeteer (as the core team members moved to Microsoft). Info: The benefits of E2E tests are that it validates if your features work (or keep working when implementing changes), and also provides a more code-driven approach of documenting the features and user flows.
Blogpost / 02-20-2020

Quick tip: How to use dynamic variable groups in Azure DevOps YAML pipelines

The preferred way to implement pipelines these days in Azure DevOps is via YAML. Which makes the pipeline part of your code and is automatically version controlled. When you were used to the classic way of creating release pipelines, you might have used environment scoped variables. These scoped variables were great to specify to which environments you wanted to provision/install/deploy/… your solutions.