Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen

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Hello, I'm a Danish Tech Writer, Tech Speaker, OSS Contributor, and Microsoft MVP. I'm part of a FOSS group creating and maintaining open source libraries for Nx, Angular, TypeScript and ECMAScript. Through my work as a contractor and Frontend Architect, I have set up a wide range of CI/CD workflows. In the FOSS group I am a part of, we enjoy the power that GitHub Actions and other products with OSS-friendly licenses bring.

Community Contributions

Open source project / 02-04-2021

Lumberjack version 2

Lumberjack is a versatile Angular logging library, specially designed to be extended and customized. It provides a few simple log drivers (logging mechanisms, transports, log drivers) out-of-the-box. It's easy to enable bundled log drivers or create and use custom log drivers. I'm one of the maintainers of Lumberjack. As part of it, we built what is probably the most elaborate CI workflow of any 3rd party Angular library. With Lumberjack version 2.x, we maintain compatibility with at least 3 major versions of Angular. Using GitHub Actions, we have proven this end-to-end in multi-faceted workflow matrices.
Video/Podcast / 06-16-2020

The Deep Dive Episode 1: Mythbusting the AsyncPipe

In this episode, we bust myths about Angular's AsyncPipe. To understand the limitations of the AsyncPipe, we have to discuss change detection, dirty checking, change detection strategies, view data structures, NgZone and the application tick. With this common understanding, we can talk about the limitations of AsyncPipe and advanced optimization techniques to address them. Michael Hladky tells Matt Vaughn and Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen about coalescing and scheduling and how he created rendering strategies for these in his library, RxAngular.