Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen

Denmark Denmark

Hello, I'm a Danish tech writer, tech speaker, published author, FOSS maintainer, Microsoft MVP, and GitHub Star. I'm part of a few FOSS teams creating and maintaining open-source libraries for Nx and Angular. Through my work as a contractor and Frontend Architect, I have set up a wide range of CI/CD workflows. In both my daytime job and the FOSS group I am a part of, we enjoy the power that GitHub Actions and other products with OSS-friendly licenses bring. I co-founded the Open Learning non-profit This is Learning and organize the Danish meetup group AarhusJS.

Community Contributions

Spectacular Angular feature tests at Angular Tiny Conf 2022

Spectacular is the first Angular testing library to enable integration tests across an entire Angular feature. Feature test suites support refactoring your codebase as they don’t rely on implementation details. Combine Spectacular and Angular Testing Library to test as a user across an entire routed Angular feature. Verify complete user flows in a fraction of the time that it would take using an end-to-end testing framework.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 12-02-2022