Monica Powell

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Monica Powell is a software engineer who is passionate about making contributing to open-source more approachable and building online and offline communities. Find her creating content on like How to Create a GitHub Profile ReadMe contributing to projects like the The New York Public Library's eBook software, teaching web development or growing the React Ladies community she founded.

Community Contributions

ASMR: Art of Scripting Media w/ Randomness @ RenderATL

Attendees will have a better understanding of the fundamental concepts necessary to produce art with software as well as gain familiarity with popular approaches and techniques. Additionally, attendees should feel inspired to further explore their own creative coding experiments. This talk will explore the fundamentals of creative coding with JavaScript to design systems that generate unique but reproducible visual artwork, the significant role that randomness plays in the creative process, and how algorithmic coding compares to more traditional forms of software development. Throughout the talk various there will be numerous examples that illustrate core concepts and techniques that can be used to create stunning digital art.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 06-01-2023

Open Source and Web Development, with Monica Powell

What does one need to do to make open-source code more approachable? How do you figure out which teams to join for maximum positive impact on your communities? And how do you build communities? These questions and more are the topic of my conversation with Monica Powell, software engineer extraordinaire, who also happens to be a GitHub Star - an exclusive group of contributors recognized for their outstanding work in the open-source software space!
Video/Podcast / 08-27-2022