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Monica Powell is a software engineer who is passionate about making contributing to open-source more approachable and building online and offline communities. Find her creating content on like How to Create a GitHub Profile ReadMe contributing to projects like the The New York Public Library's eBook software, teaching web development or growing the React Ladies community she founded.

Community Contributions

Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 10-07-2021

Building Modern Websites with GatsbyJS at Jamstack Conf

In this workshop, Monica Powell will cover the fundamentals of quickly developing a site with Gatsby, a React framework, and dive deep into the building blocks you’ll need to build your own custom Gatsby sites. After completing a mix of lectures and exercises you’ll be able to build and deploy a Gatsby site from the ground up. In particular, you’ll learn the ins and outs of creating Gatsby sites, from selecting a starter or theme, using GraphQL to manage site data, making Markdown content interactive with MDX, deploying your site, and more! This workshop is for JavaScript developers who haven’t had extensive experience with Gatsby and want a deeper understanding of Gatsby.
Blogpost / 05-15-2021

Tips for Debugging Software like a Detective

Being an effective web developer when investigating a software issue, locally or in production, requires some detective-like debugging skills. As I've grown as a developer I've not only improved the breadth of my knowledge about various ways software can break in unexpected ways but I've also enhanced my debugging skills over time. In this article, I share various strategies to approach understanding why the computer doesn't appear to be doing what you tell it to do. Computers interpret instructions literally and to resolve a discrepancy between actual and expected functionality you may need to revisit your assumptions!