Thomas Thornton

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Thomas is a Senior Azure Technical Specialist at Kainos, with a proven track record of delivering successful solutions in Microsoft Azure. He has been involved in all stages of delivery, from sales qualification to solution architecture and implementation, and is known for his adaptability to business needs. In addition to his technical expertise, Thomas is also recognised as a Microsoft MVP and HashiCorp Ambassador, demonstrating his deep knowledge and contributions to the industry. He is a passionate member of the community, with a large following on Twitter and LinkedIn (14,000+). Thomas shares his knowledge and experiences through his popular blog site, which has received over 980,000 views to date. He also has over 1,000 GitHub stars across his repositories and regularly attends podcast and community events, further demonstrating his commitment to sharing knowledge and contributing to the community.

Community Contributions

Scaling Platform as a Product

I was joined by Tim Jacomb ( in this talk, we give an insight into building a successful developer platform that aligns principals and standards which can be reused by a small customer to large enterprise organisations. Providing team autonomy development velocity is increased by reducing multiple team dependencies because time to deploy is solely dependent on a single team. Faster feedback loop for developers means faster time to market We adopted a platform engineering approach focused on creating the tools which enable teams to self-serve - We wanted to do the hard work, so users didn’t have to. This means that by focusing on the small details of improving developer experience, shaving seconds off developers build cycle, we can save vastly more by removing wasted time. Whenever there is a hand-off or delay, we look to remove it so that developers can remain focused on their task.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 12-05-2023