Sonya Moisset

France France

👋 Bonjour! I’m a Senior Security 🥑 and a lifelong traveler who lived in the Middle-East, North Africa and Asia. Always looking for new challenges - I made a career change from International Business Consulting in 🇹🇳, 🇸🇦 and 🇸🇬 to Engineering in 🇰🇷 to Cybersecurity in the 🇬🇧. 💖 Passionate about Open-source, DevSecOps and Cloud Computing ☁️ OpenUK Ambassador 🎓 CAPSLOCK & CyberGirls Lead Mentor 💻 Founder of Epic Women in Cyber/Epic Women in Tech 👩‍🎤 Ambassador at Girlcode ✍️ Top contributor writer for FreeCodeCamp 🎤 Public speaker, Tech advocate & Mentor 🧠 INTJ-A 😀🌍🇫🇷🌈🦄🍱✈️💻☕️🎧🎬📷🕹️

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