Yanina Bellini Saibene

Argentina Argentina

Yani is rOpenSci Community Manager, R-Ladies Project Lead, and professor at several universities in Argentina and Uruguay. She has a background in Information Systems and Agricultural Research (she was a researcher at the Argentine National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) for 24 years). She also has an M.S. in Data Mining and Knowledge Management. She is a passionate instructor and loves writing and talking about data management, data science, and artificial intelligence in her field. She was global coordinator of useR!2021, chair of the Argentine Congress of Agroinformatics (CAI) and general chair of the Argentine Conference on Informatics and Operational Research (JAIIO). She is also a Community leader: she co-founds MetaDocencia, LatinR, and R-Ladies Santa Rosa and is a member of The Carpentries Executive Council, R-Ladies Global Team, RForwards Core Team, R Consortium Infrastructure Steering Committee, R4DS_ES, useR! Working Group, MiR, Open Heroines and Sociedad Argentina de Informática. She also led and was part of several volunteer teams that translated Data Science and teaching material into Spanish. She is a prolific international bilingual speaker and teacher thanks to these communities.

Community Contributions

Call for Tutorials - The form

he purpose of this blog post is to help the organizers to create a a useful application form for the call for tutorials. The submissions form can be simple or includes several fields, which vary in their complexity. I have already suggested that the call for tutorials be separated from the general conference call because the type of information required is different. For tutorials, it is essential to request information that contemplates the pedagogical aspects of the proposal. When deciding what type of data to request, remember that this information will feed the rubric for evaluating the proposals. Therefore, it is essential that no information is missing and that we do not request data we will not use. This article will give you a detailed insight into each field and explain the meaning of its content.
Blogpost / 11-27-2022

Conociendo a las estrellas del universo R: comunidad R, intercambiar y aprender

Esta es la primera entrega de nuestra serie de entrevistas “Conociendo a las estrellas del universo R”. Tenemos como objetivo introducir los grupos de trabajo y las personas que están detrás del desarrollo del software y paquetes que muchos utilizamos y que se encuentran disponibles en R-Universe. Queremos resaltar y conocer diferentes proyectos alrededor del mundo, el trabajo que hacen, sus procesos y usuarios. Iniciamos nuestro recorrido en Argentina y con un equipo que utiliza R y desarrolla paquetes de R en el estado Argentino (no dejes de ver el vídeo con extractos de la entrevista).
Blogpost / 11-23-2022

Meeting the stars of the R-universe: R Community, Exchange and Learn

This is the first post of our interview series “Meeting the stars of the R-universe”. We aim to introduce the working groups and people behind the development of software and packages many of us use and which are available through the R-Universe. We want to highlight and explore different teams and projects around the world, the work they do, their processes and users. We begin our journey in Argentina with a team that uses R and develops R packages for the Argentinean State. Be sure to watch the video at the end with excerpts from the interview.
Blogpost / 11-23-2022

Creating fulfilling volunteer opportunities in open source software communities

November call, the theme was working with volunteers. Yanina Bellini Saibene (rOpenSci) moderated a discussion between Saranjeet Kaur (RSE Asia Association) and Melissa Mendonça (NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas) with brief comments from Yared Abera Ergu (The Carpentries in Africa). The panelists addressed a range of topics, including: The types of volunteer positions available in their communities What motivates their volunteers Problems with common approaches to volunteer labor and potential solutions
Event organization / 11-16-2022