Alex Ellis

United Kingdom United Kingdom

I'm the founder of several widely-used open source projects such as OpenFaaS, arkade and k3sup. I'm also a CNCF Ambassador and enjoy working with Go and with containers.

Community Contributions

Early tester for Sponsor-only repos

Worked with Jessica Lord and team and found several bugs in the sponsors-only repos behaviour - particularly around an organisation and individual both offering the same benefit. Did live testing with dozens of sponsors and gave feedback. Flagged-up friction in the user experience - such as the repo invites expiring after 30 days and maintainers having a support overhead of having to re-invite everyone manually as they eventually figure out they missed the invitation. Explained the new feature to the community, and shared teaser screenshots.
Other / 01-26-2022

Zero to OpenFaaS in 60 months

Every once in a while someone comes into your life who makes a lasting impression. For OpenFaaS, there’ve now been 350 of those people, from all around the world each with individual stories and achievements to share. They all had a common interest: they wrote Go and believed that functions should be easy to use and portable. This is their story 5 years after it started. Alex shares why he started the project, the highs and lows along the way from quitting his job, to going toe-to-toe with corporate giants. He’ll tell the story through the contributors, and community that helped build and shape the project which now has 28k GitHub Stars and dozens of end-user companies in production.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 10-25-2021

Deploy without credentials with GitHub Actions and OIDC

There's been some talk on Twitter recently about a new feature emerging on GitHub Actions. It allows an action to mint an OpenID Connect (OIDC) token, which can then be used to deploy artifacts into other systems and clouds. I'll give you a bit of context, then show you the AWS and GCP story, followed by how I integrated this with OpenFaaS so that a set list of users on GitHub could deploy to my OpenFaaS cluster without having to give them any credentials.
Blogpost / 10-08-2021