Gary Ewan Park

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Gary is a Microsoft MVP who has been a developer for over 10 years. Starting out with VB.Net and ASP.NET Web Forms, he now spends most of his time coding C#. He is a maintainer in the Chocolatey, Cake-Build, Cake-Contrib and GitTools GitHub Organisations. He regularly does live coding streams on his Twitch channel.

Community Contributions

Maintainer of Cake Project

I am one of the core contributors to the Cake project: In 2023 we have shipped 3 releases of Cake, including a release which included support for .NET 8 on the week that this was released. Across it different platforms, Cake has over 79 million downloads (up from 42 million last year): The Cake .NET Global Tool is currently THE most downloaded .NET Global Tool on
Open source project / 11-30-2023

Maintainer of GitReleaseManager Project

I am the primary maintainer of the GitReleaseManager project, which is a tool to help with the creation of release notes for your Open Source projects. In 2023 there were 3 new releases of GitReleaseManager. Across its different versions, this application has been downloaded almost 385000 times (up from 325000 last year).
Open source project / 11-30-2023

Maintainer of Cake.Recipe Project

I am the maintainer of the Cake.Recipe project, which is an opinionated set of build scripts for Cake. In 2023, there was one new releases of Cake.Recipe. This system is used as the primary mechanism for building the Cake Addins that exist within the Cake-Contrib Organisation on GitHub: Collectively, Cake-Contrib Addins have been downloaded over 73 million times (up from 57 million last year): While Cake.Recipe isn't used for all of these addins, it is used for the majority of them.
Open source project / 11-30-2023