Eddie Jaoude

United Kingdom United Kingdom

I am passionate about getting everyone into Open Source! I really believe it is for everyone. It doesn't matter where you are from, your job title, background or experience. All Open Source cares about is you visit once in a while. Open Source is about people, community and collaboration, it is not just about code. I create videos and live streams on YouTube about getting you into Open Source, GitHub, Web Dev and DevOps. Join us... http://youtube.com/eddiejaoude My dream is to work full-time on the Open Source projects from my community EddieHub https://github.com/EddieHubCommunity and especially the EddieHub LinkFree project (an Open Source alternative to LinkTree). You can see my LinkFree profile (and connect with me at the same time!) here: http://linkfree.eddiehub.io/eddiejaoude

Community Contributions

EddieHub BioDrop

An Open Source alternative to LinkTree, where users can create their profile which lists their links to social media platforms and webpages. In addition, you can also showcase milestones (such as "my first contribution to Open Source" or "my first job as Web Dev"), testimonials and upcoming tech events. The project is fully automated with GitHub Actions, for example (but not limited to): running automated tests, creating releases, building Docker containers and deployment. Built with NextJS, Tailwind, Playwright and Kubernetes.
Open source project / 11-30-2022

Accelerate your career with Open Source

In this talk, I take you through my journey of getting into Open Source 15 years ago completely by chance and as a hobby, how I made it into my "day job". I will cover why you should get involved in Open Source, how to contribute to Open Source whether or not you code and how anyone can do this. As well as share success stories of community members who have gone on to have a career in Open Source. Finally, I will leave you with my takeaways on how to succeed with Open Source.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 11-18-2022

GitHub Profiles that Stand Out

Typically I review GitHub Profiles on YouTube live streams so that I can collaborate with the community, but I wanted to make a video on awesome profiles so that the audience can refer back to them when customising and updating their own profiles. I have created Issue templates where people can submit their Open Source profiles and projects to be reviewed by me and the EddieHub community as well: https://github.com/EddieHubCommunity/support/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A%22live+stream+review%22
Video/Podcast / 11-18-2022