Kunal Kushwaha

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Kunal is working towards empowering communities via open-source and education. He finds passion in teaching and has taught thousands of folks online and in person. He is currently a Developer Advocate at Civo, CNCF Ambassador, track chair of the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon student track, Major League Hacking Coach. He is the founder of Kubeworld, Community Classroom, and also started the official Cloud Native Student Community group joined by thousands of students, focussed on getting more young people involved in the ecosystem.

Community Contributions

Navigating the CNCF Landscape, the Right Way

CNCF is the vendor-neutral home for cloud native projects. Including the most famous open source project in recent times, Kubernetes, it currently houses ~1,019 cards with a total of 2,957,938 stars. With a growing ecosystem, at an initial glance, the landscape may seem intimidating to newcomers, especially students. Journeying through the entire development and operations lifecycle, this panel aims to take a guided approach to cover the various projects involved right from the creation of the application to the deployment & monitoring. With various pit stops & forks along the way, the speakers hope to leave the audience with a fair idea of how to navigate the landscape effectively and embark on their cloud native journey. Should they also wish to contribute to any of the projects, the session also covers various tips & tricks on how to take their very first steps in the ecosystem as well.
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 05-28-2022

Marketing as Code: How to Rock Out with Non-Code Contributions

For new folks in the CNCF space, becoming a contributor may sound daunting, and even overwhelming. But guess what? There are tons of ways to contribute apart from code. 5 members of the Contibex Marketing working group (Kunal, Bart, Chris, Kaslin, and Matt) are all participating and contributing through positive attitudes, documentation, networking, videos, drawings, and even raps. They want to share the welcoming spirit of the CNCF where no contribution is too small, and everyone will have something to share. Contributors' stories must be heard, and that's where the upstream marketing team comes in. (This proposal is for the Students' track)
Speaking (conference/usergroups) / 10-29-2021