Michael Heap

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Michael runs Developer Relations at Kong, focusing on developer experience, education and our open source community. Day to day, this involves everything from OpenAPI to Kubernetes, and everything in between. Prior to Kong, Michael was a director of developer experience at Vonage, and spent a decade as a software engineer working with distributed systems and infrastructure automation. This means that he can't go more than a few days without writing any code, which usually comes in the form of Github Actions

Community Contributions

GitHub Scheduled Reminders

I’ve always struggled to manage my GitHub notifications. Having them pushed to me in real-time is overwhelming, but having a separate inbox to check means that I never remember to look at them. GitHub notifications can be separated in to two categories for me, periodic and real-time. Periodic are things that need doing, but not right now (a PR is ready to review, for example). Real-time are items where there is a real human interacting with you (someone’s commented or requested changes on your PR). It turns out that GitHub launched scheduled reminders back in 2020 which is a great fit for this use case. Scheduled reminders allow you to receive reminders at specific times throughout the day in addition to real-time alerts for specific events. You can configure them for yourself, or for a specific GitHub team.
Blogpost / 05-22-2023